Workrite Tools Date:2019-8-25 11:49:06

How -to safely polish your car to perfection!

We are often asked if polishing paint is better done by hand or machine and the answer is always by machine. The reason is simple, you just canít get the results by hand that you can achieve by machine. Your hand is not capable of doing the work a machine can do when it comes to paint polishing or even maintaining your finish. It is humanly impossible to osculate your hand evenly over the entire surface of your car at a rate of 2,500-6,800 times per minute.


Rotary Buffer - The rotary buffer is a machine should only be used by the experienced professional for severe paint damage correction. The rotary buffer spins at a high rate of speed and in the hands of the inexperienced, it can do more harm than good and can even burn through your paint. 

Variable Speed, Random orbit, Dual-Action Polisher - The variable 6 speed, random orbit, dual-action polisher with the correct pad and polish, is capable of removing random isolated scratches, swirl, oxidation, water spots, acid rain etching and bird dropping damage as well as other unfortunate paint defects that stand in the way of that brilliant shine. The variable speed, dual-action polisher like the Porter Cable Car Polisher is also a great maintenance tool for your gloss enhancement polishing, pre-wax cleaning and applying thin, even coats of your favorite car wax, paint sealant or protectant. This tool is effective and very safe!