Workrite Tools Date:2019-8-20 15:07:53

Correct Use of Pneumatic Tools

Never use manual tool sleeve to be dangerous. Use industrial grade special sleeve.

Never do tasks that exceed tool capabilities.

Never use worn or cracked sleeves.


When replacing the sleeve, it is necessary to separate the intake port from the pipe joint.

Air pressure requires a dynamic pressure of 0.63 MPA at the tool inlet. Do not increase the air pressure beyond the rated pressure to increase its output power, which will cause damage and shorten tool life.

Compressed air can cause harm. Do not point the hose at yourself or anyone.

When the tool is not in operation, the parts should be removed and inspected only when the tool is completely stopped and the compressed air is completely disconnected.

When using or repairing pneumatic tools, always protect your eyes and face to prevent impact.

Repeated work, bad position and vibration should be paid attention to the safety of the arm.